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A triolet

[Reed wrote this in less than 20 minutes, on Thursday the 1st of November, in a complicated recess of the labyrinthine university library, near Paleontology. There were pigeons roosting on the window-ledge, iridescent in the autumn sunlight. And workmen drilling … Continue reading

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Yellow lilies

I think I rather owe you all a bit of an update, but I don’t really have anything in particular to say, so this will be a bitty, somewhat under-structured post. Oh well. You love me anyway. Don’t you? I … Continue reading

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Someone hand me a paper bag. Now, please.

Hang on. Wait. Now wait just a minute. It appears to be the middle of September. Who said it could be the middle of September already? I’m supposed to be enrolling on the third Monday of September. Which is next … Continue reading

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