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This Christmas

[Written at work today, while waiting for Microsoft Word to stop crashing and let Reed actually do some, funnily enough, work, and after a morning completely wasted on Christmas shopping - Ed.] No snow, no frost, again this year, No … Continue reading

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At Night the Rain

The headache, she persisteth, oy vey. What a bloody waste of a weekend. I shall have to offer you a little more antique verse, while I lie down again and fuss because I find reading even so much as detective … Continue reading

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Can’t a girl take a long weekend?

What the hell has that Editor been doing? What the hell has she been doing? I go away for oh, so very few days, and she drags out the old poetry files [The turquoise ink files, no less - Ed] … Continue reading

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Free-form excavations

Reed is back tomorrow. Good, I say. Good. I don’t care for this ‘generating content’ lark. How about another spot of juvenalia, while she can’t burst in and stop me? She wrote this one when she was barely 18, and … Continue reading

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The first blond muse

Reed is still not back. Lord knows what she’s doing. Gallivanting, I shouldn’t wonder, or possibly even frolicking. But as she’s not here, and left me in charge, I think I shall do something truly evil (heh heh heh) and … Continue reading

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A triolet

[Reed wrote this in less than 20 minutes, on Thursday the 1st of November, in a complicated recess of the labyrinthine university library, near Paleontology. There were pigeons roosting on the window-ledge, iridescent in the autumn sunlight. And workmen drilling … Continue reading

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To the tune of In the Bleak Mid-Winter

What can I feed them, Frazzled as I am? If I were more Delia, I’d’ve baked a ham. If I had had time in June, I would have made a cake. Can’t I do welsh rarebit, For goodness’ sake? And … Continue reading

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7665 words in three, no, two evenings

Bloglily and litlove are doing all these cool poetry meme things and I can’t join in. I have already overcommitted myself socially this week and I. Have. No. Time. But I really really want to. I haven’t written a word … Continue reading

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A short sharp shower of filth

I was musing once again on verse encountered in childhood, and memorised without understanding. As you do, on dull afternoons when you’ve nothing better to do than count the hours between Beechams ‘Flu Powders. My father, bless him, suffers from … Continue reading

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Utterly mandatory post

It’s National Poetry Day here in Blighty. I am, of course, caught completely unprepared, on the hop, and devoid of any fresh effusions of my own to thrust eagerly at you all. In fact, it is Thursday evening, and National … Continue reading

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