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There is a plan, and its name is Fret

Back on the post Instant gratification, or, Don’t blog tired., I was whining about having to take all 50000 words of the precious NaNoWriMo novel and turn them from a peculiar assortment of babble and plot-holes into a coherent, err, … Continue reading

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Do you like me? Do you?

This is, of course, where I retrospect, elegantly, no doubt while clad in satin pyjamas and sipping espresso from a Wedgewood coffee cup. I won’t disillusion you, the reality is far too squalid for a sunlit New Year’s morning. Let’s … Continue reading

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Shut up about the NaNoWriMo already

Let’s try this once more, with the caveat that whatever I write now will be not much like whatever it was I wrote before. Mea culpa for writing when tired and bah-humbuggery in the first place. And so on. It … Continue reading

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She’s over there, being wrapped in a tinfoil blanket

Hello, Editor here. I know some of you don’t like me much – thanks for ruining my suede loafers, by the way – but you’ll have to lump it. I am here to announce the unprecedented success of my very … Continue reading

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7665 words in three, no, two evenings

Bloglily and litlove are doing all these cool poetry meme things and I can’t join in. I have already overcommitted myself socially this week and I. Have. No. Time. But I really really want to. I haven’t written a word … Continue reading

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On being married to a writer

The other night, as I fought and tore and wrenched myself closer to the 30000 word mark, my husband came over, bringing me a cup of tea. He stood behind my chair and I leaned my head back against his … Continue reading

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We come in bouncing, we go out punctured.

Look! I’m very nearly exceedingly half-way there! 24205 words! [Er, Reed, honey, it's day 20 - Ed] Yes, but I’m practically half-way there, which is very cool indeed. [Yeah, verily, my feet are freezing. But you’ve already used up two … Continue reading

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Blah blah blah yeah whatever

The thing is, I don’t like my main character much. I don’t even get the luxury of loathing the poor sap. I just… don’t like him very much. He looks interesting, he has an interesting job and an interesting scar … Continue reading

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Straight into a brick wall

Writer’s block. I’d swear, but I haven’t the imagination to make it worthwhile.

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This is not beginning with quite the flair and panache I was hoping for. Day four of 30, I should have written 6666 words already. I have written 4850. Underperforming just a tad, that’s me. [Never mind that now. You … Continue reading

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