Just saying

It’s supposed to snow tonight. If it does, getting to work tomorrow will be even more of an arse than usual, as public transport in this country Does Not Do Snow. Last winter, the train-tracks points froze and the tube-lines shut down and the buses couldn’t even make it out of the garages because of the ice on the roads. The A&E departments were full of people who’d gone for a walk in high-heels or trainers. All around us, more weather-wise countries were snickering themselves silly while heartily whacking on the snow-chains and pulling on their wellies.

(I rather hope it does snow. I quite fancy a day off).

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2 Responses to Just saying

  1. I hope it snows, because I love snow! Sadly, though, I am one of those within easy walking distance of the Learning Centre of Farce, so would be working until whatever time the University decides to close up shop. It is very odd how Britain never seems to learn how to cope with winter weather, isn’t it?

  2. allison says:

    Ask me sometime about my friend who snowshoed down the road to school towing her kids in a sled behind her rather than let them stay home even though the buses were cancelled. On second thought, don’t, I just told you about it. Good luck on that snow day (from Canada — snicker snicker).

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