Writing begets more writing

You are quite right. Last night’s post was unforgivable. Next time it’s all gone like that, I shan’t post at all, OK?

OK. Where were we?

I am writing a story. I have written pages and pages and pages, and there’s any amount of supernatural shenanigans, also, a library, annoying co-workers and a cat with halitosis. And at some point I will have to let the Editor hack away at the first chunk [i.e., halve the adjectives, correct all the continuity errors, remove anything libellous - Ed.] and post the remains here. I do not know when that point will be. I hope it will be soon. This is all Solnushka’s fault. I must go now. I have a werewolf to reconstitute and I need an encyclopaedia of Norse mythology, also a hot-water-bottle and some cocoa.


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2 Responses to Writing begets more writing

  1. Solnushka says:


    *Rubs hands together in gleeful anticipation*

  2. allison says:

    Oh! Oh! I was lackadaisically surfing the nablopomo blogroll and suddenly I’m excited. I love supernatural shenanigans. And libraries. And reconstituted werewolves. And people who talk all British (I assume you probably are actually British, but I don’t honestly care).

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