Rattling of tins

Because I am spending the weekend away from home, with husband (it’s his birthday next week (hurrah!)) in a B&B with a king-sized bed, chocolate truffles, and a bottle of rosé in the mini-fridge, I am of course wearing woolly socks artfully matched with the ‘his’ of the ‘his&hers’ courtesy bath-robes, and am watching Children in Need. Twenty more minutes and another swig of wine, and I will be weeping hysterically and throwing my credit-card at the phone-line. Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

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One Response to Rattling of tins

  1. Good grief! You’re back. Just as I was about to give up on you. Probably not older but certainly wiser. Umm – dare I say it – a sadder Budweiser girl – - –

    Which rosé? The old favourite Mateus or something a little more modern?

    And I am glad you do not have naked toes.

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