This is another stupid cheaty ‘I aten’t dead’ squeaking-in-under-the-wire post. (So many? So soon? [So predictably? - Ed]).

So, marmosets. What can I say about marmosets? Off the top of my head, they amazingly cute creatures of the monkey family, from, I think, South America, and unlike other primates, they have no wisdom teeth. But some do have the most fantastic whiskers. [I think you'll find the ones with the whiskers are tamarins. Marmosets have ridiculous ear-muffs instead. Carry on]. The females almost always give birth to twins. They live up trees [yes. Monkeys tend to] and they’re not at all keen on monogamy [Is any primate?]. They eat insects and chew through bark to drink the tree-sap. Um. [Flagging, aren't we?]. They are none of them very large. [That was more than usually bottom-of-barrel].

Anything else I’d have to look up.

There. Marmosets. Just for the Singing Librarian.

[We really must get around to reinstating the blog-roll. By 'we' I mean 'Reed'.]

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3 Responses to Primatology

  1. Solnushka says:

    ‘Off the top of your head’?

    Sorry, boggling a bit here. I can’t even spell marmoset. Well, no, apparently I can, but I had to check it. What a splendid person you are, Reed.

  2. Sorry! And bravo! You know more about marmosets than I did (I have now learned all I know about marmosets from you). How fascinating about the twins thing, since most creatures seem to go for ‘one at a time’ or ‘more than you can shake a stick at’.

  3. Lilian says:

    You are very well-informed about marmosets! I looked them up and they are amazingly cute.

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