Friday is still for poetry

Funeral Cortege

Grey water stilled by the turning tide,
All things bated between the inbreath and the out
But us, and a dozen paper boats

Strung along the water where the river
Lifts itself over the grey sand, wet stones.
Against this colourless, this shining, lay

The bright flat sails. One pin-sharp hour
They flowered on the Thames; then slid under
The grey drift and the relentless years.

You on the shore, what were you thinking?
A grown man and a groaning woman
Handing these colours to the darkening river,

Each neat shard of sunset, sunrise,
Midsummer sky, spring leaf, sweet orange,
A piece, and another, and another, of our lives

Taken back, little boats, as we turned homewards,
The which of us unmoored,
The which of us dissolving?

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2 Responses to Friday is still for poetry

  1. Solnushka says:

    *blows nose*


  2. Ann Baylis says:

    Absolutely Love.

    Jess, this is just so, so, so good.

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