This is called cheating

Oh, cripes, it’s 11pm already. And I have teeth to brush and hair to disentangle and shrieking urban foxes to throw saucepans at from the upstairs windows before I turn into a Cucurbita moschata.

So, denizens of the Internets, any of you that are reading this, that is (hi!) – what shall I burble about next? You tell me, and at the weekend, I shall get out the Hay Festival Limited Edition Coffee-Mug, for there is no prolonged blogging without caffeine, and, indeed, burble. Literarily [Is that a word? It shouldn't be - Ed].

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5 Responses to This is called cheating

  1. Now there’s a question, “what should I write about?” How can we suggest something, not knowing whether it will spark your interest or fire the blog-writing neurons? Whatever you write will be interesting, and I can’t think of any sensible or helpful suggestions. “Cheese” is neither. “Dewey Decimal” is a bit obvious. “Marmosets” is…not my suggestion, surely. What planted that in my brain?

    I’m sure whatever weekend idea suggests itself will be a great deal better!

  2. Solnushka says:

    I’d like to read some fiction.

    I mean, I love your poetry, and your blog entries of any and all subjects and I’d read the back of a cornflakes packet of you’d written it (in fact, I challenge you there too), but I haven’t actually read much of your fiction, and I’m itching to.

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