She’s back.

My God, look at the dust in here. Look at it. I can’t even see the colours of the upholstery.

It’s disgusting.

We’ll have to redecorate.

*Whistles through teeth*

Someone mentioned the old blog to me a couple of weeks ago, and it dawned on me I’d been away for nine months. Nine whole months.

Normally, when a woman goes off to concentrate on ‘higher things’ for nine months, she comes back cheerfully brandishing a whole extra tiny person and a very smug expression. Well, I had a go at that, and it went very badly wrong, and I was rather ill for a while. Then I started a full-time job before finishing my degree, the which I think is absolute proof I had lost my tiny mind. And then term started again and I had handed in my dissertation and the NHS suddenly remembered my existence and lumbered back up to offer me some more invasive physical tests and maybe another go at this tiny-person-making business. Yes, I said. Why not. I can’t be unlucky every damn time, can I? Can I? Just give me a moment to consider how to explain further medical absences at work.

And naturally I decided to do NaNoWriMo as well. What the hell.

NaNoWriMo 2008

NaNoWriMo 2008

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8 Responses to She’s back.

  1. Lilian says:

    So glad you’re back! All the best for everything.


  2. Helen says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! I feel like crying! I’m sorry about the awful stuff that has happened and I am wishing you all the best for the next time. Take care!!

  3. I’m also so glad you’re back. :) Fingers all crossed for tiny people, tests and novel-writing.

  4. [happydances] wheeeeee – It is so good to see you back. Sad to hear of the bad stuff and I hope things work out in the near future. I like the looks of this new living room.

  5. Sol says:

    Oooh, you are brave! Go Reed!

  6. Phil says:

    As long as you’re happy to carry on writing here I’ll carry on reading.
    I’m sorry to hear about things going wrong for you and do hope that they can go right :-)

  7. Teuchter says:

    Lovely to see you back in blogland :hug:

    And sod wo*k. Just you do what you need to do.

  8. kelli says:

    Great to see you back again {hug}

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