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Friday is for poetry. It just is. I’ve decided

Holy Innocent In Spring this old magnolia puts forth White hands held up in prayer, is One hundred saints on one worn trunk, And passers-by lift up their faces. Oh birdie, I would have shown you it, And you, just … Continue reading

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An omnivore’s 100

As well you know, because I am supposed to be working on the Novel, I am drawn irressistably to memes. This is a humdinger of a foody meme I found on Aphra’s blog a while back, and promised myself I’d … Continue reading

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I got home this evening vaguely pissed off with the entire universe and especially those parts of it that have got to their mid-forties without realising that, actually, they are not entitled to stand in the train doors and bellow … Continue reading

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So. Well. So. There you have it. Hmmm

Dear dear Helen, Lilian, Archie, Sol and David, Hello! Have you ANY idea how lovely it is to find the internets haven’t forgotten you as you so richly deserve to be forgotten? Any idea at all? I think I shall … Continue reading

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She’s back.

My God, look at the dust in here. Look at it. I can’t even see the colours of the upholstery. It’s disgusting. We’ll have to redecorate. *Whistles through teeth* Someone mentioned the old blog to me a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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