The Apple-Thief


(Photo courtesy of Ramson)

At dawn of day the apple-thief
Comes dancing in her leitmotif,

Slotting each foot in a previous slot
Made yesterday in the orchard plot,

Returns again to where left off she -
The leafless, branch-bent apple-tree -

And among the windfalls idly browses
Safe from guns so near the houses.

So dainty-legged, her sister-beast,
Reducing apples was reduced to feast,

And seeing her pause, I think in pain,
Oh, she the apples, we the gain

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2 Responses to The Apple-Thief

  1. archie FCD says:

    Except for teachers, apple-y ungifted
    Mark term papers, results unsifted

    Hmmm – it is hard to gatecrash another’s muse. I apologise.

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