Onwards and up… err, sidewards

I, naturally, spent the weekend recovering from the extraordinary delights of, basically, flicking the dust-bunnies out from the hindermost parts of my brain and leaving them on display all over the internets. Hello! What did you all do?

But I had a think, while lolling in an undignified manner and/ or trying to get my Sims to snog each other on the laptop [And getting Sims was possibly the most cretinously unproductive act of your life, young Reed - Ed]. And I thought thusly:

  1. I must really do something about the blogroll. The blogroll is starting to smell. I must add all the new interesting people and places to it, and I must rearrange it into less amazingly pretentious categories.
  2. I must actually talk to people, because there is actually a line between ‘shy’ and ‘antisocial’ and personally I seem to have wondered so far over it I’ve ended up in ‘has issues’.
  3. I’d like to write more fiction. No, let me rephrase that. I bloody well must write more fiction. I have a very untidy heap of paper scraps, torn from note-books during meetings, like as not, that are all over ideas for short stories. Now, I had never really written much in the way of short stories before, so this is either a New Development or, more likely, the result of having a seriously battered attention-span, especially when I’m supposed to be writing policy documents with it. Do you care? Is this going to fizzle embarrassingly after one go? [Yes].
  4. And I need to read more Proper Books. I mean, really, current haul seems involve a great deal of detective fiction I am not quite getting on with, and not nearly enough, say, Jorge Luis Borges, who, after all, damn it, was a Librarian.

Aha! Directions! I’d rather been missing some of those. How nice to find a few under the dust-bunnies. God bless NaBloPoMo, and all who sailed in her.

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5 Responses to Onwards and up… err, sidewards

  1. Care says:

    Oh, please do stop by and don’t be shy! Thank you for keeping me on your blogroll. Feel free to write some fiction in comment form, too…

  2. Rebecca says:

    Did you win anything for NaBloPoMo?

  3. Helen says:

    I can get my Sims to shag each other and they kept having babies so then I had to stop playing it because it’s depressing to play the Sims to escape from taking care of babies in real life only to end up taking care of virtual babies. Anyway.

    I am feeling so underwhelmed by the NaBloPoMo experience. I wish I’d won prizes but I never, wah!! Helen was really immature.

    I like Jorge Luis Borges but right now I prefer Anne Tyler.

  4. I love Borges, but in reasonably small doses. The headaches, the headaches! I don’t have Sims, because I am already very good indeed at procrastination.

  5. there were prizes? Oh that’s right. I guess I didn’t win one, but then I was afraid if I did I’d win the free upload for my iPod which I have none of.

    The abysmal waste of time in this house is Civilization, an amazingly addictive game. What I’d like to have is Photoshop, but I’m afraid if I did I would never escape from the clutches of my computer ever again.

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