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A Christmas Swanee-Kazoo

It is, indeed, Christmas Eve. I have been watching A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart!) on the telly this evening, and to my increasing horror, weeping helplessly as it all got more and more sentimental and, by the time Tiny Tim … Continue reading

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This Christmas

[Written at work today, while waiting for Microsoft Word to stop crashing and let Reed actually do some, funnily enough, work, and after a morning completely wasted on Christmas shopping - Ed.] No snow, no frost, again this year, No … Continue reading

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Could do better

I seem to have spent a week with my head up my bottom with regards to this blog. This is not good for the neck.

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She can’t come out to play. She’s doing her homework.

Three coursework deadlines all at once. Which is mean. Nothing a coffee-fuelled all-nighter, or two, can’t solve. It’s not like I have to be coherent and speakable and at work the next morning or anything. No, wait, that was when … Continue reading

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Onwards and up… err, sidewards

I, naturally, spent the weekend recovering from the extraordinary delights of, basically, flicking the dust-bunnies out from the hindermost parts of my brain and leaving them on display all over the internets. Hello! What did you all do? But I … Continue reading

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