And then we are confused

I went to lectures, I went to work, I met a friend after work, we had dinner, I trundled home again late in the evening, I have a post to write, oy vey. Did I mention I had a beer with my dinner? Attention-span now completely carbonized for the rest of the evening.

And it was a lovely evening, thank you for asking.

Also, no one at work annoyed me today. It has to be a Sign. Prepare the underground food depots. Man the inflatable life-raft pumps. And so on.

Oh, and one more thing, just before I apply pyjamas to person and make the heady choice between the three types of toothpaste now colonising the bathroom sink:

In honour of William Blake‘s 250th birthday:

Remember the recent furore over Eurostar’s ‘cheeky’ advert for London? Seen the picture of the widdling thug? Yes? Now look at Blake’s painting Ghost of a Flea.

Am I the only person who has spotted this?

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One Response to And then we are confused

  1. archie FCD says:

    Hmm, does this mean that if we go to Hell, we will be subject to hoards of skin-headed demons? And I have to make a choice between that and never-ending harp music?

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