And anyway, it’s educational.

Last week of NaBloPoMo, and what have we learned?


Anything? Anyone?

Oh, very well, I’ll go first. I have learned that:

  1. I am a shocking-bad commentator. I keep thinking ‘Oh, I’ll come back and say something later,’ and as we all know, later never comes. Shame shame shameshameshame. Bad Reed. Nasty Reed. Reed who doesn’t deserve any bloggy friends at all.
  2. What is this all consuming urge to be amusing and why does it follow me about so?
  3. There is no need to do monster-long posts every single day. Snippets will do. Snippets possibly even preferable, as who in heck has time to indulge my random fits of Essayism?
  4. I can go for a whole month and have very few profound thoughts indeed. [You learn this only now? - Ed].
  5. Sleep is Good For You.

The thing is, I’m feeling a little underwhelmed by the NaBloPoMo experience. Oh, I don’t blame NaBloPoMo, it’s a very cool idea indeed. I just don’t think I’ve been doing it properly [Not that this isn't a fear that haunts your every waking moment in any case]. I have been treating it as a duty to wedge in amid a host of other duties, mini-crises, and regulation quantities of faffing. Surely, if I’d've taken it seriously, I’d've produced something desperately moving or searingly honest or even plain vaguely interesting by now, like other people have.

As is, I am feeling a tad deflated.

[Shall we create a new category in the side-bar called 'Whining'?]

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5 Responses to And anyway, it’s educational.

  1. Aphra Behn says:

    But the experience is whatever it is. There is no wrong, there is no write, the moebius strip only has one side. Etc.

    But seriously.


  2. Teuchter says:

    I’ve had a sidebar category of “Whining and Bitching” for quite some time.

    Alas – I completely failed on the NaBloPoMo thing so have the greatest admiration for those who managed to keep up with daily posting.

  3. LK says:

    I’m with Aphra. You’re learning something, even if it doesn’t feel that way. The process counts.

  4. What do you mean you don’t have to do monster long posts? I seem to be constitutionally unable to post something under 1000 words unless I am putting up photos with captions. Sometimes I fear that it means that people won’t take the time to read them.

    What Aphra said about the Moebius strip.

  5. Care says:

    Maybe YOU didn’t learn anything, but boy am I learning a whole lot about Brit vocabulary! FAFFING? Oh, yea, I do that all the time. Didn’t know there was a such a fun(?) word for it! So feel good that you are doing your part to educate another dumb ‘merican. Excuse me, I have to go look up ‘tetchy’ now.

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