The first blond muse

Reed is still not back. Lord knows what she’s doing. Gallivanting, I shouldn’t wonder, or possibly even frolicking.

But as she’s not here, and left me in charge, I think I shall do something truly evil (heh heh heh) and dig out her early poems. And, oh, look, here it is, perfectly preserved (in turquoise ink, mind you) – the first serious poem she ever wrote for her own satisfaction and no one else’s.

She was fifteen when she wrote it. Not only fifteen, but fifteen at an all-girls’ boarding-school. And above all, not only fifteen and nunnish, but she had just lost her virginity to a handsome blond boy, and while she did indeed spend a few weeks feeling crazy in love, and while that particular memory is still one that makes her smile smugly to herself (lucky bitch), said blond boy did wander off into the hazy outer distance shortly thereafter. He was but the first in a series of handsome blond muses. What is it with Reed and blonds? She prefers brunettes, or even bald men, if you consult her list of uber-crushes*, but invariably ends up going to bed with blonds.

So, the first serious love-poem of her life.

Remember, she’s fifteen. Be gentle.

I shall spill my heart out to the winds,
I shall misspell love-poems for none to see,
And in the stillness of midnight,
Breathless and blinded by moonlight,
I shall make your name a rhapsody.

I shall spill my heart out to the winds.
I shall turn and see your eyes change colour
Like water, like a shadowed lake,
Blue and green the rippled wake,
Like the first hushed breath of summer.

I shall spill my heart out to the winds.
I shall beg of them to let me rest
Curled like a petal in the peaceable dawn,
Part of a rose, still folded and warm,
At the heart of the quiet, my head on your chest.

*(Oh, very well, Johhny Depp, David Tennant, and Patrick Stewart)

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2 Responses to The first blond muse

  1. archie FCD says:

    This was written just six years ago? It is good that she is frolicking. That is a form of entertainment which is recommended by the Naked Dancing Llama.

  2. Reed says:

    Six years ago? Ohh, bless you Archie, but try seventeen.

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