We start by cheating

Dear all, it is the first, oh yes, the very first day of November, and this is the first NaBloPoMo post.

And it occurred to me, or, rather, my husband occurred it to me, that we are going away for a long weekend tomorrow, to see old friends and yomp about on moors and possibly even sing out loud in public. There is a distinct lack of broadband access and general bloggy time in this schedule.


So, the Editor and I sat down, or, rather, I sat down and drank cappuccino and the Editor paced about in an offensively impatient manner, and we decided [you decided - Ed] that I would leave the Editor a heap of odds and ends and she would do with them as she saw fit, as long as something appeared every day in my absence, and then that wouldn’t really be cheating. As such. I mean, something will be posted every day, so, that adheres to the spirit of the old whatsit, doesn’t it? [I doubt it]

That’ll be OK, won’t it?


[This is absolutely not a good start, is it?]

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One Response to We start by cheating

  1. Helen says:

    I want to yomp about on moors and sing in public too!

    Heh, I’ve been doing nothing but cheat since November began! I cut and pasted 2500 words from an earlier draft of my novel and that was “my writing” for the day. Heh heh heh, cheating’s fun!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the editor posts!

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