Someone hand me a paper bag. Now, please.

Hang on. Wait. Now wait just a minute. It appears to be the middle of September. Who said it could be the middle of September already? I’m supposed to be enrolling on the third Monday of September.

Which is next Monday.

Which isn’t bloody fair already! I have novels to read! I have novels to write! [Oops - Ed] I still have circles to run in! I have fretting to do! I really really haven’t finished the allotted fretting! [Also, you really really haven't read the contents of the preliminary reading-list. Did that help? Didn't think so].

So, either I will soon be blogging daily, or even thrice daily, as the combination of hard-work-avoidance, sleeplessness, and mental stimulations ramps up my productivity to the nth, or you, oh beloved readers, will never hear from me again.

In either case, sorry.

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7 Responses to Someone hand me a paper bag. Now, please.

  1. archie FCD says:

    YIKES! No more Reed? The world will grind to an ignominious halt.

  2. Aphra Behn says:

    Well, I vote for blogging daily and thrice daily, but that’s just me being selfish.

    Good luck and, above all, enjoy it!


  3. Phil says:

    If you’re enrolling on the third monday in september then you should have been there yesterday, according to my calender.
    I know I watched as queues of new students snaked their way round the building as they tried to enroll at the university here.
    Eventually some will find their way up to the office where I work and ask some question or other that I’ll need to deal with. Till then I think I’ll hide from the hordes of new and returning students.

  4. Phil says:

    And do enjoy yourself and best of luck. Which is what I said to my neice who is about to go off to university next weekend – makes me feel old she was a little un when I went off there and now she’s off to the same place I went all those years ago.

  5. Reed says:

    I think I wrote the above post while looking at the calendar page for August (denial, ain’t just a river in Egypt) . Fourth Monday in September. FOURTH. And yes, I did panic and phone them. Thanks, Phil.

  6. phil says:

    Best of luck for working through the enrolment system they use for next monday :-)
    Next week at work it’ll be even more chaos as lectures and lab sessions start, that’ll be the time to hide.

  7. Teuchter says:

    * wonders if they still take those awful photos for the matriculation cards. Come to that – are there still such things as matric cards?

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