I only went out to get a sandwich

And I came back with a whole new Prime Minister.

Now, I did spend a few possibly delusional months, some time ago, announcing that I thought Gordon Brown could well be a good PM. I am no longer nearly so sanguine, partly because Brown tried to tax my underpaid little arse off – see the bit about scrapping the 10p rate? – and partly because I’m not entirely sure our marvellous fiery economy is layable at Mr Brown’s feet (I’m thinking, economies bounce up and down in cycles, don’t they? Well, make sure you’re chancellor on the up-bounce (and run away to Number 10 before it goes splat, the which splat you can then blame on the current Chancellor/ global warming/ the Tories)), and in any case, I feel a little jaded about an economy that prevents me from ever buying a house anywhere at all in the British Isles. And as you can see, discussing the Economy, stupidly, turns me into Bernard Levin. I promise to lock all the parentheses away in their drawer for the rest of the post.

Anyway, there was some cause for schadenfreude. I can’t be the only one who danced up and down in the street on hearing that Patricia Hewitt has resigned. I can only assume she resigned now because she knew Brown is not so much of a flaming eejit as to keep her on, and she may as well jump with some fluttering rag of attempted dignity clutched about her rather than be picked up by the foot and wrist and flung into the middle-distance. If only the silly bitch had had somewhat more dignity and buggered off in April. What am I talking about? I’ll allow Aphra to explain.

And I see that the departing Mr Blair is being wrapped in olive-branches, loaded into a giant catapult and fired at the Middle East. I was about to get good and cynical about that. But in Sierra Leone they see him as a hero. Northern Ireland also seems to have gone rather well. Nevertheless, Iraq is an unspeakable hell-hole somewhat of his own creating, which makes the whole thing soap-opera interesting, don’t you think?

Not too shabby a burst of developments for a quick sandwich-related absence, eh? Tuna, thanks for asking.

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3 Responses to I only went out to get a sandwich

  1. Sol says:

    I must admit I was amused by the Blair Middle East thing. You can imagine everyone scrambling madly to prevent getting landed with that hot potato and Blair getting lumped with it/ lumping it on the grounds that he can hardly make more of a mess of the situation/ be more unpopular than he is now…

    Did I ever admit to you that I don’t find Blair as irritating as everybody else? Neither do friends who have also been out of the country for large chuncks of his reign. It’s only the last year or so that I’ve looked around and though what _have_ they been doing to the country while I was gone.

    He comes across quite well abroad. But then so did Mrs T. And Gorbachov.

  2. Ed says:

    Didn’t you get a cabinet post, like everyone else from Lord Tebbit (Secretary for Employment-related Cycling) to Shilpa Shetty (Communities Minister) to me (Special Advisor for Barstool Literary Criticism)?
    Our university top brass are v pleased that the Research Council has been taken from the DTI and put in with the Universities ministry where it belongs, btw. It’s an ill wind.
    We’ll have to ask Tom Lehrer what he makes of Blair being Peace Envoy to the Middle East.

  3. Oh, if only Tom Lehrer were still in business!

    Ag, I am withholding judgement on Brown for the time being. He’s less smarmy than Blair, but you’d have to try quite hard to be more smarmy than Blair – even the impersonators seem to fall short on that front. It is rather peculiar to blink and find yourself with a new leader, though. We knew it was coming, but still…

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