Ev’ry mornin’ find me moanin’

Isn’t work completely bloody? Even when you quite like your job and think most of your co-workers are even, dare I say it, quite nice? Nevertheless, it’s Exam Term, the students are Revolting (hoo, yes), and inexplicably everything goes completely wrong at once so quite a lot of time has to be spent working out which essential bits of the job are the least essential, in that, if I don’t do them, only I will get shouted at, so I can fit in the sudden influx of damage limitation and general running-to-stay-still that I urgently need to do, single-handed, because my job-share is on holiday in Dramatic Development Week, of course, possibly deliberately so.

Aaaand… breathe.

Anyway. Reading and writing has been rather limited to frantic emails from and confused emails to various colleagues. Books are merely those bloody annoying things that the students keep baying for and of which we simultaneously have not enough to satisfy demand and too many to fit on the shelves. And then the students keep breaking them. I have to assume not deliberately, or I’d be down Limehouse buying a machine gun. And rubber bullets, of course. I don’t want them dead, they wouldn’t have learnt the vital lesson ‘Do not fuck with the Library Assistant‘ if they were deaded.

Nevertheless, it is time to get The Novel out again, and, mayhap, actually work on it. Do you think?

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6 Responses to Ev’ry mornin’ find me moanin’

  1. I do think. Yes.

    I also recognise your description of books as the things “we simultaneously have not enough to satisfy demand and too many to fit on the shelves”. How is that possible? It happens at the Library of Doom as well. Our biggest student moan is ‘there’s not enough books’ and yet there they are. Look at them. Piled on the tables and the window sills and busily breeding on trolleys.

    We’ve considered installing a crocodile pit for misbehaving students. But with small crocodiles, for much the same reason as your rubber bullets. However, even a baby crocodile makes me scream and cry like a losing contestant on a reality TV singing show, so I’d have to look for work elsewhere…

  2. Helen says:

    Yeah, I’m moanin’ too although not for the same reasons, obviously. GAH! Why does life have to get in the way of writing? I am currently staring at a page where words have exploded. It’s my “chapter plan”. Can I get a single word of this chapter down on paper. No siree.

    Anyway, I say: “Yes, get the novel out again.” Definitely. Let’s face it, it’s never going to be easy but even ten words a day is progress.

  3. Aphra Behn says:

    An anecdote I offer merely because it will amuse, but first you have to know that there are some very smart and often very annoying people in IT known as “Architects”.

    Aphra’s boss: “What happens if we just go it alone and fuck the architects?”

    Aphra’s team: says nothing, pensively.

    Aphra (reminiscently): “I used to to that”

    Aphra’s boss: “…. er, yes…”

    One day I will learn to edit what I say in public. Maybe.

    You have my sympathy, Reed. Be of good heart.

  4. LK says:

    If only we could work four days or three rather than FIVE. I mean, work is a positive. But enough already!

  5. Reed says:

    *Feels far, far too embarrassed to tell LK that she does, actually, only work three days a week, so she doesn’t.*

  6. Lilian says:

    Yes, get the Novel out again. I don’t think much, but I do think you should do this.

    Aggh! Books. Aghh! Students. What the Singing Librarian said. Aggh.

    You have my sympathy.

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