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Eight not very random things about me

The fascinating Doctor Z tagged me (hi, Z!) so I am obediently presenting the disinterested masses with: Eight Random Things About Me. Now of course the only way to make this truly random would be to write every single fact … Continue reading

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How to… name characters and interest people

It would be nice if some authors really did have a good old think when naming their characters. Here, by my foot, as I type, is a terribly thrilling thriller named Land of the Living, by Nicci French. I think … Continue reading

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Ev’ry mornin’ find me moanin’

Isn’t work completely bloody? Even when you quite like your job and think most of your co-workers are even, dare I say it, quite nice? Nevertheless, it’s Exam Term, the students are Revolting (hoo, yes), and inexplicably everything goes completely … Continue reading

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Electioneering [Late, as usual - Ed]

No, I did not vote. London doesn’t do local elections when the rest of Bucolia does. London is far too busy pontificating in any case, on whatever-it-is the dear little hayseeds think they could possibly be doing by voting in … Continue reading

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