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But you don’t have to live with me

My dear, my very dear Readers, I don’t know what to say. All those comments! All that sympathy and encouragement! I love you guys. And there’s nothing like a bit of torment to bring the lurkers out of the woodwork, … Continue reading

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This is not a funny post

Dear readers, such determined faithful as there are of you left, as I’m quite sure watching this blog fail to update is no way to pass a jolly evening, hello. I have spent quite a few days in (somewhat apathetic) … Continue reading

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A Curate’s Egg

I’m still here. I’m tired, I’m full of snot, I’m grouchy [Is any of this news? - Ed], but I’m still here. Hah. But lurking, obviously. Can one lurk on one’s own blog? [It takes solipsism to a new level … Continue reading

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Oh my godding God but this makes me angry. HMV goes low brow with 30 Waterstone’s closures Which shows you where all my priorities are. Tsk. And that’s all I’m saying. I’m too busy blowing my nose and coughing to … Continue reading

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Go there. Celebrate.

Dear friends, the inspirational Helen has finished her novel. Those of you who know her blog, A was Alarmed, will know she has been writing this novel with an adorable, fascinating, and demanding toddler to wrangle at all times. And … Continue reading

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Fragmentary little heap of up-dates

I’m sorry. Really, I am. Like the charming Finslippy, the longer I neglect you, the stronger my feeling that I need to give you something marvellous, or at least hilarious, to make up for it, and the angstier the nail-biting. … Continue reading

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The Editor realises the date, and is startled

Image courtesy of Sluggo at Flickr “Inside every older person is a younger person – wondering what the hell happened.” – Cora Harvey Armstrong To my astonishment, Reed has kept this blog going for an entire year. And then, to … Continue reading

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Attack of the Screaming Mee-Mees.

[Here you are, one Reed, condition sheepish. Reed, explain yourself to the nice people, whose concern you oh so do not deserve, and then make me a Bloody Mary. We have a re-drafting schedule to catch up on - Ed] … Continue reading

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