Instant gratification, or, Don’t blog tired.

So, I have a novel to rewrite, and to finish rewriting, by September. The very thought maketh me to weep. A friend once, very kindly, pointed out that the thing about blogging, as opposed to, say, writing a novel, is that you can have pretty much instant gratification, both of the cacoethes scribendi* and the desire for attention and biscuits. Is that why I blog? [Yes - Ed]

I am having a little crise des nerfs over this. [Enough with the speaking in tongues - who are you, Miss Piggy?]

(Mind you it would help if the blog wrote itself. I mean, I actually have to sit right here and bang on the keyboard. I can’t, say, sit over there and allow my eyes to casually drift over to the endless re-runs of CSI while thinking clever thoughts directly onto the Internets. Not instantly instant. Though of course, very gratifying).

So I am being a godforsaken wimp about novel-writing. When it comes to The Annoying Detective and Co, I have the inspirational Helen to look up to, ploughing as she has been through her own highly admirable Ninth [Ninth, people. And Reed is snivelling about her second] Draft. Eventually, one day, please God, Helen’s re-write Odyssey have a highly gratifying ending. But it sure as hell is not instant. I feel like a caffeine fiend [Well, yes...] being told that they’ll have to grow their next cup of coffee from these three beans. Once they’ve swum the Atlantic and climbed Jamaica looking for an unnoccupied section of the Blue Mountain, of course.

As for the ranting… Did that go OK? Yes? In that case, I’m off to practise roaring in the mirror. As gently as a sucking dove, no less.

*Not that my friend said anything at all in Latin, He’s not quite that sad. But I am. (Juvenal, by the way. The itch to write)

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5 Responses to Instant gratification, or, Don’t blog tired.

  1. Charlotte says:

    Go for it, Reed! The itch to write is very scratchy!

  2. Sol says:

    In my scruffy youth I used to read NME quite religiously. They had this long running hatred of any band whose comment about their own music went anything like ‘We did this for ourselves and if anyone else likes it that’s a bonus.’ Which I always thoroughly approved of.

    I mean, it’s perfomance art. Thinking about your consumers is a major part of the point. But it would be too po-faced to claim that that was the only point and that there’s nothing to be gained out of the feedback.

    The whole instant thing is just a bonus.

    I was wondering if it would help to break the rewrites down into a series of mini deadlines or projects, because I have to say that the September one for me would be far too unweildy and large and far away to actually make me get on with it.

  3. Ed says:

    You latter-day Dickens, you. You want to hear the barrow-boys weeping on the street-corners every time your next post goes up.

    Could you do all the drafting in March and call it NaNoDraMo? Oh, and don’t do it in Word, you might end up with an approved uncontroversial Master Text. Remember your debt to future scholars and do it all in a series of notebooks so that someone can earn their PhD declaring that you actually got it right the first time.

  4. Reed says:

    Future scholars? PhD?

    In the words of that great man, the Generic Evil Dark Lord of Somewhere, Bwahahahah!

    You can rest easy. I don’t care for Word. I’m doing it all in AppleWorks.

    Anyway, yes, the plan is to redraft. I think I shall have to fill up a posting slot with the exposition of my plans. Especially Sol’s very sensible point that if I say September’s the deadline it’ll be mid-August before I get my head out my arse.

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