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Ask, and it shall be given unto you

Dear Friends, And this very afternoon, I received an email offering me a place at Prestigious University. I’m going back to school. I am going to be a student again. Eeep. [That’s torn it. She’s now too nervous to speak … Continue reading

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That Which I Have Been Doing When I Wasn’t Doing This

Dear Readers, It won’t have escaped your careful attention that I occasionally wander off for, oh, up to a week or so. Should any of you be so very sweet [and/or touched in the head - Ed] as to mind … Continue reading

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Let me see if I have got this correct. The Equality Act, due to come into effect pretty shortly, outlaws the denying of goods and services to a person because of their sexual orientation. Adoption agencies, therefore, may not automatically … Continue reading

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And yet smugness is so unbecoming.

I am memeing, as a way to deal with the vast echoing blankness that is the inside of my head. It’s still, vaguely, Resolution Season, so here is one I found over at Helen’s, which she found at Charlotte’s, which … Continue reading

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…until I’ve finished my tax returns. Sorry.

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In honour of my first day back at work

Why you should fall to your knees and worship a librarian. Just saying.

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Do you like me? Do you?

This is, of course, where I retrospect, elegantly, no doubt while clad in satin pyjamas and sipping espresso from a Wedgewood coffee cup. I won’t disillusion you, the reality is far too squalid for a sunlit New Year’s morning. Let’s … Continue reading

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