She’s over there, being wrapped in a tinfoil blanket

NaNoWriMoHello, Editor here. I know some of you don’t like me much – thanks for ruining my suede loafers, by the way – but you’ll have to lump it. I am here to announce the unprecedented success of my very own little writery person.

Reed hit the 50000 word finishing tape at approximately one a.m. Greenwich Mean Time and was so bewildered she staggered woozily on for another 472 words before being fielded by the support team and hosed down with lucozade.

She is spending today medicating herself down off her caffeine high with paracetamol and ghost stories.

Normality will be restored over the weekend.

I thank you

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14 Responses to She’s over there, being wrapped in a tinfoil blanket

  1. Helen says:

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Not just 50,000 words but 50,472!! Well done! You won!

    I would even recommend some chocolate as part of your medication (although that will do nothing for the caffeine high, heh heh).

    Now will you serialise the novel on your blog?!

    By the way, Editor, I knew you would wear suede loafers.

  2. azahar says:

    Wonderful news! Although I haven’t commented lately I’ve been following your progress here. Very impressive finish – well done, Reed!

  3. AB says:

    *hands Reed a lovely cooling damp flannel for her feavered brow*
    *which has been soaked in ice-cold gin*

    We love you, girl.


  4. Yogamum says:


  5. z says:



  6. *applause rings through the Library of Doom, heading in Reed’s direction*

  7. All right Reed! I knew you could do it, and my congratulations. Too bad about those suede shoes, but there are more where they came from.

  8. Charlotte says:

    Well done, Reed! You are an inspiration.

  9. Lilian says:

    Congratulations! Well done!

  10. Jensequitur says:

    So when do we get to read this detective novel? – Lentilla

  11. Candi says:

    Hi Reed,
    I’ve been lurking this blog for a long time, but when I saw this I finally had to say something – Congratulations!!! Well done!! Yippee!!

  12. Titania says:

    Well done! *applauds*

  13. AB says:

    *Prods Reed to see if she’s ok*

  14. Titania says:

    I was just about to do the same, AB *looks intently at the tinfoil wrapped package to see if it shows any sign of life when being prodded*

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